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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


The teachers in Year 3:

Squirrels: Miss Chunara

Hedgehogs: Mrs Bodycote

We are really looking forward to teaching your children this year and have lots of exciting learning to do. 


Tuesday: Outdoor PE

Wednesday: indoor PE OR swimming

PE kits can be left in school and taken home at half term to wash.


Spelling homework will be given out on Friday to be returned the following Thursday.

Maths and grammar homework will be given out alternate weeks.

My Choice homework will be linked with each topic.

Reading: read with your child whenever possible.



Autumn: Chocolate and Let there be light.

Spring: Going Underground and Romans.

Summer: Rainforests and Egypt.



Year 3 Long Term Plan

Welcome to Year 3 

In Year 3 we always try to;

Be the best they can be

Respect each other’s beliefs

Be kind and gentle at all times

and follow the other Golden Rules.

We always make new members of the class feel welcome at Brilliant Brookside.





The Super Squirrels and Hardworking Hedgehogs are more than half way through the school year, and have learnt so much so far! 

As we get closer to Easter, the children will be learning about the Easter story and will take part in our Easter Celebration day. 


In the summer term the new topic will be Rainforests!

The children will learn about where they are, what they are like and will also be learning about plants in science. 


See our long term plan above for the yearly overview of the subjects we will be covering.

PE information

The Squirrels and Hedgehogs will have swimming on Wednesday afternoons.  They will be swimming in six week blocks, with the Hedgehogs swimming first. Please see the letter on the office website with the dates. We would be grateful if you ensure that your child has their swimming kit on the correct day.


Outdoor PE is on Tuesday afternoons.


Indoor PE is on Wednesdays.


Autumn Term 2017

In September the Hedgehogs and Squirrels had a fabulous trip to Cadbury's World.  We learnt about where chocolate comes from and how it is made (and we ate some!)

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Spring 2017

Cadbury's World

Year 3 and Dragonflies were very lucky to have some beautiful weather the day they visited Cadbury's World. The children greatly enjoyed being able to learn about the history and process in which chocolate is made. 

Cadbury's World

STEM Ambassador visit

Year 3 have been lucky enough to have a STEM ambassador come to visit! Mr Aujla spent time talking about what STEM is (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and why it is important to everyday lives. 


He discussed his experiences of what it is like working in a STEM environment and set the children off on the challenge to make a paper airplane that could travel the furthest distance. 

Our paper airplane challenge!


This term year 3 have been learning about Chocolate! They have learnt about where chocolate comes from (looking specifically at Ghana). Had a wonderful talk from Miss Dixon about what Ghana is like, from her experiences. 

The children have also had the chance to plan and design their own Wonka themed chocolate box! 


They have also learnt about a balanced diet and had a go at tasting different foods to go into our healthy lunch box. They all got a chance to make a sandwich/wrap/baguette/pitta! 


Autumn Term 2016

Going Underground


This will be our second exciting topic of the year. The children will be learning about rocks and soils and volcanoes in science. They will also learn about the Stone Age as part of their history work. 


Our stone age art

Let There Be Light


For our first  topic we have started to look at light and the way it travels. In addition, we have thought about the dangers of looking at very bright lights, including the sun. Both classes have enjoyed looking at the way light travels and hope to do an experiment on shadows. 

Year 3's Diwali Assembly

Religious Studies  

As part of our Religious Education Units of Study we have been learning about Diwali  in preparation for our special celebration day. On Friday 4th November we will be inviting parents and carers to come and join us for our exciting class assembly based on this festival. We also went on a wonderful trip to the Hindu Temple. 

Visiting the Hindu Temple

Visiting the Hindu Temple 1