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Year 2

 Welcome to Year 2 


This year the Wonderful Woodpeckers and Outstanding Owls and will be learning about exciting and interesting topics from a diverse curriculum including:

- Healthy Me

- The Great Fire of London

- British Animals

- Endangered and Extinct Animals

- Castles



In Year 2 we try to be the best we can be by following the Golden Rules of our school:

We are kind and helpful

We are honest

We are gentle

We are hardworking

We listen

We look after our property


We believe that if we follow these rules we will be ready for the challenges we face in Year 2 and moving up into KS2.




Welcome to Year 2 presentation

A fabulous day at Warwick Castle


Year 2 had a fabulous time at Warwick Castle. Their behaviour was excellent and they thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We watched a trebuchet being fired, a birds of prey show and plenty more! We all made it to the top of the tower and some of us had to be extremely brave. We were also good explorers and made it out of the maze without getting lost!! Have a look below at our wonderful photos.

Woodpeckers at Warwick Castle!

Year 2 SATs parent meeting presentation

Year 2 Grammar Evening 2018

Year 2 at the Twycross Zoo!


We had a lovely day at Twycross zoo. We saw elephants, lemurs, monkeys, giraffes, leopards, butterflies, meerkats, tortoises, zebras, penguins, owls, birds and many more. Below are some of our lovely photos that we took to capture the day. 

SATs evening


We will be holding a SATs meeting on Wednesday 28th February at 5.30pm in the ICT suite. Please come along as we will be explaining the SATs process, some examples and how you can help your child. 


Hope you to see you there. 

Spring term 1

A happy new year to you all. Hope you all had a lovely break over Christmas. We have recently been writing our own stories making sure we include VCOP (vocabulary - adjectives, connectives, openers, punctuation). In maths we have been learning about the inverse and how number sentences relate to each other (see in the maths videos for more information). We are now going to move on to shape! Practise the names of 2D and 3D shapes. Happy hunting!

Next half term - autumn 2

Our new topic for next half will be the Great Fire of London. We will be learning about the U.K., how the great fire started, what happened and what it was like in 1666, plus much more. In our science topic we will learn all about different materials and their properties. For English we will start off with a unit on instructions and we will continue working on subtracting in maths.



An amazing day at the ThinkTank Museum! 

All of year 2 had a wonderful time at the ThinkTank Museum. We learnt lots about the body and had lots of fun too! We spent time outside in the science garden where we learnt about the force of water, hydro-power and water systems. Inside the museum we explored everything to do with the body and being healthy e.g. saw the digestive system, learnt about the senses, did some exercise to get our hearts beating faster. All of the children really enjoyed themselves and were exceptionally well behaved and represented Brookside brilliantly. Have a look below at the Woodpecker and Owls photos. 

Woodpecker's Super Salad .Cups!

In our Design and Technology lessons, whilst the Owls have been swimming, we have been learning about healthy eating. We have looked at an eatwell plate and have tried lots of different types of foods. We have learnt about the different types of foods and why these are good for us such as; protein, dairy, fats and sugars, carbohydrates and fruit and vegetables. This afternoon we have made our super salad cups choosing our own ingredients to go into the salad. We ate these together and really enjoyed ourselves. Take a look at our photos below.

Welcome 2017-2018 Year 2's


A huge welcome to the new year 2 children. We are really looking forward to getting started with our first topic of the year, Healthy Me! We will be learning all about the body and how to keep healthy in Science. In English we will be looking at stories in a familiar setting and in Grammar we will be learning what nouns, verbs, adjectives etc are. In Maths we will start with place value and then move on to addition and subtraction. 


  • Year 2 indoor PE will be on a Monday, please remember no earrings or jewellery are allowed and children must have their PE kits in school (white t-shirt, dark coloured shorts, plimsolls/trainers). 


  • Year 2 Owls swimming starts Tuesday 5th September for 6 weeks, Woodpeckers will swim after half term. 



2016-2017 year 2's adventures below:

What a busy first summer term we've had! 

All of the children in year 2 have been fantastic this term and have worked really hard. We have really enjoyed learning about poems, traditional stories and our favourite topic; castles. We have had some fantastic castle models coming into school for our My Choice homework. We have also been modelling castles with plasticine and have designed animals using collage techniques. Next term we will be going on a trip to Warwick Castle which the children are thoroughly looking forward (letter will go out after half term). Below are some photos from our fun and busy term we have had. Thank you to all the parents/carers for all your support throughout the SATs from all the staff in year 2. 

World Book Week 2017

We really enjoyed our visit from Garry Parsons last week and were inspired to be creative with our own illustrations. Lots of us brought books from Garry Parsons and we hope you are enjoying reading them. Year 2 all enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day on Thursday and completed some wonderful activities throughout the day. Have a look below at some of our costumes and wonderful illustrations. 

Happy New Year! 

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas break with the children and are refreshed and ready for the spring term. As you are aware, it is approaching the SATS in Year 2. We thought it would be beneficial to put some sample papers onto the website for you to have a look at. We recommend you go through these with your children. We also recommend that you use these questions to make your own at home, for example, changing numbers in the questions, or making similar ones for your child to try. 

End of the Autumn Term


Over this last term we have learnt a lot about our body in our topic Marvellous Me and all about the Great Fire of London. We really enjoyed the Nativity and the children did an amazing performance. Well done to everyone!


In the Spring term we will be exploring all about animals, habitats and the fabulous David Attenborough. Hope you have a lovely break and we will look forward to seeing you in 2017! 

Grand Gymnastics


Throughout the Autumn term we have been really lucky to be taught gymnastics by Mrs Kirby. We have learnt lots of new balances and we can now work in unison using the apparatus to balance and work together. 

Gymnastics action shots

Year 2 - Addition and Subtraction Evening


A big thank you to all the parents who attended the Maths Evening, please find below the slides with all the information we discussed on the evening.

End of Year 2 Expectations Powerpoint

Andy Warhol inspired art - October 2016
Thinktank Trip 2016
Take a look at some of our story plans

Our Marvellous Maths work

Welcome - 2016/17

A huge welcome to the new year 2 children. We are really looking forward to getting started with our first topic of the year, Marvellous Me! We will be learning all about the body, stories in a familiar setting, place value/addition/subtraction and lots lots more.


Miss Wells and Miss McIntosh

End of year -2016


The Owls and the Woodpeckers have really enjoyed all their learning this year. They have worked extremely hard in all aspects of the curriculum and we have had a wonderful time in the classroom. We wish all the children the very best for when they move on to Year Three. What a fantastic year we’ve had! A year full of smiles and laughter. We will miss you all and look forward to seeing how much you grow over the holidays!


Miss McIntosh and Miss Whitelock.

YEAR 2 End of Year Expectations - 16.3.16


Thank you to all those who attended on Wednesday 16th March. Please take a look at the document below as it contains lots of useful information and links to websites you can use with your child.



This week we have enjoyed exploring lots of different books and authors. We were very excited to have a visit by the children's author Julia Jarman. She read some of her stories, explained how she creates her characters and showed us how she plans her books. We then had a go at planning a story in the same way. Take a look at the photographs below to see how we did with our plan.

Marvellous Maths

This week we have been learning all about multiplying by 2 and doubling. We enjoyed playing doubles bingo with our partner, where we had to score 3 doubles in a row to win!

Here are some of our marvellous My Choice projects...

Here are some of our marvellous My Choice projects... 1
Here are some of our marvellous My Choice projects... 2
Here are some of our marvellous My Choice projects... 3
Here are some of our marvellous My Choice projects... 4
Here are some of our marvellous My Choice projects... 5
Here are some of our marvellous My Choice projects... 6
Here are some of our marvellous My Choice projects... 7
Here are some of our marvellous My Choice projects... 8
Here are some of our marvellous My Choice projects... 9
Here are some of our marvellous My Choice projects... 10

Owls Trip to the zoo.


We had a fantastic time today at the zoo, scroll down to see the Owl's adventure (the Woodpeckers day can be found on Miss Whitelock's blog!).


This term we will be learning all about animals and their habitats. We will be looking at different types of animals, habitats around the world, animals that are extinct and endangered and the amazing David Attenborough. After half term we will also be visiting the zoo to explore a range of animals and endangered species, we can't wait!

Thinktank Trip - Autumn Term

We had a lovely day at the Thinktank in Birmingham. We explored all about our body and enjoyed learning about our senses, skeleton and what's inside us! During the day we also investigated the science garden, recycling and the amazing planetarium. 


SENSES! We helped each other on the adventure playground after having removed one of our senses.

Extra, Extra! A New Year Begins in Year 2.


We are so happy to welcome back all the children in year two! We can't wait to start our exciting new topics and yes - the rumours are true! We have lots of fantastic trips planned for our topics! Keep checking the website for updates on the adventures and learning that we have got planned. We can't wait to share this year together and celebrate our successes.

We had a wonderful time in 2014-2015!

Scroll down to see our past adventures.

 Year 2 Curriculum Updates- end of Spring Term.

This term we have been very busy in Year 2! In our topic work we explored different habitats around the world, looked at famous people who study animals e.g. David Attenborough and using Design and Technology we have designed and created our own woodland scene with levers and sliders.


During literacy we have explored the Mr Men series written by the much loved author Roger Hargreaves, the children have gotten enthused in reading about the much-loved characters. We have also created our own Mr Men character in the style of the author.


In numeracy we have spent some time looking at different ways we can divide, and have been improving our mathematical language and thinking through different types of investigations! 

Friday 20th March. We experienced the solar eclipse using pin hole cameras.

Our artwork based on the artist John Nieto

Spring 2015 curriculum coverage

In year 2 we will be learning all about animals and their habitats. Please see the document below to see what we will be up to in the Spring term.

Year 2 curriculum coverage - spring 2015

The Cow, the Lioness and the Jackal - R.E. 21/1/15


In R.E. we have been looking at stories with morals from different faiths. This week we have been learning about a story from the Buddist faith, The Cow, the Lioness and the Jackal. After listening to the story and discussing the moral then we role played some scenes from the story.


Here are some of our freeze frames:



Best of British Day


On Tuesday 6th January, we celebrated the Best of British at Brookside. Year 2 focused on the changing of the guards and we even did a little marching! We  looked at why it is important to have the guards, why we have the changing of the guards and we closely inspected their uniforms.


As a class, we each created our own posters showcasing our work and our new found knowledge on why Britain is so great.


During the afternoon, we invited our parents in for an afternoon tea party, sharing cake, treats and of course, tea!


Our work

St. Paul's Church visit - 17.12.14

Today the whole of key stage 1 were very fortunate to visit our local church. We got our walking shoes on for the 15 minute trip. We sang some Christmas songs, listened to the Nativity story and lit the advent candles.


A big thank you to all of the parents that came to help us on our trip, we hope you enjoyed the trip too!


Whilst we were there, we also shared the gifts that we would be giving this Christmas that come from our heart. In class today, we had a real think about the gifts we could give that do not come from the shops, and that mean a lot more to us. We decided to give gifts such as kindness, patience, love, friendship and courage.


Please take a look at our pictures below.