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We have lots for you to see!  Here you will find our 'Golden Rules,' important notices, a termly update by all 3 classes and a link to our blog.  We hope you enjoy your visit to our page!

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Rabbits Sensational Spring Term


The Rabbits have had a lovely spring term. Despite the cold weather, we have had lots of fun exploring our new outdoor learning area! Digging in the sand, getting wet in the water area and making mud pies have been some of our favourite things to do! We had a great time during our ‘personal hygiene topic and learned lots about keeping ourselves clean and healthy. We have now started to brush our teeth on a daily basis whilst at school and the children are very enjoying this very much! We then started our topic of ‘The 3 Billy Goats Gruff.’ The children were excited to discover that a Troll had been living in our adventure playground and explored lots adjectives to describe him and where he was living. We ended the term with an Easter Celebration day where we went on an Easter egg hunt, ate lots of Easter food and learned all about the Easter story. We can’t wait to see what the summer term has in store….

Otters Spring term 2018


In the spring term in literacy, the Otters have been learning about how to write their own instructions using bossy verbs and numbers to tell them which order their instructions need to go in. They have also been looking at writing a book report to express how they feel about their favorite books. In Numeracy we have adapted the maths mastery approach for number and have been learning about addition and subtraction and how this works in different ways. We have also been looking at each of our heights to measure how tall a friend is. After Christmas the Otters have been learning about the life of the ancient Greeks where they made clay pots and tried some Greek food. 

In RE we have been looking at Sikhism and the children liked visiting the Gurdwara to visit the museum and sample the food.



Otters Spring Term 2017

Otters returned after the Christmas break ready and eager to learn about the ancient Greeks. Throughout the term, we have found out so much information about how they lived, including what they ate. We have used many of the same ingredients in our own cooking which we enjoyed tasting and sharing with our families. We are finishing this topic by joining Year 5 for a Greek style party with traditional Greek dancing.

In RE we have learnt a lot about Sikhs, their customs and beliefs. We are looking forward to visiting a local Gurdwara at the end of term.

Science has been really exciting this term, learning about different materials and states of matter. We have put on our white lab coats and investigated mixtures and solutions –predicting and recording the results. Science Day was amazing as so many parents came to school to work with us. We also got to do investigations with different teachers.

Maths has been a bit tricky for some of us this term as we have been learning all about money and sometimes it is confusing! We have had to count in patterns of 1, 2, 5, and 10 –however, we all agree that we enjoy shopping.

We had a really lovely surprise when a visiting author, Andy Cope, came to our classroom to look at our work. He talked to us about creating characters for stories and was impressed with our ideas. We are enjoying reading his book, Spy Dog.

It has been a long term but we have packed it full of fun learning and we can’t wait to find out what we will be doing about next term.

Dragonflies Spring Term 2017


No winter blues for Dragonflies this January! They kicked started the year by learning all about Chocolate. They explored the journey from bean to bar, the countries where cocoa beans grow, what fair trade is and they took part in a chocolate melting experiment. This certainly was not the only experiment the Dragonflies conducted, as they were able to show off their scientific skills on Science Day! The children completed many experiments throughout the day and in the afternoon parents were invited to join their children on a scientific tour of Riverbank to see what the other teachers were investigating and to take part in a range of different experiments. Our topic ended with a wonderful trip to Cadbury’s World. Our next topic has been the "Rocking Romans" and the children have been learning about the Roman invasion of Britain. The tactics, resources and strength of the Roman army, and why they were successful in their invasion of Britain have fascinated the children and they are always eager to find out more - no matter how gruesome it gets! The Dragonflies have been making their own shields and learning about the symbols and meanings behind traditional Roman armour. In Science, the children have been exploring different forces and have had lots of fun using different magnets and testing if they are attracted to different materials.

Rabbits Spring Term 2017


What an amazing spring term the Rabbits have had! We have absolutely loved our ‘animal antics’ topic and have become animal experts! We have learned about animals all over the world and paid particular attention to animals from Great Britain, Australia, The North Pole, The South Pole and Africa. We looked closely at the habitats which animals live in and the reasons behind their appearance and features.

We learned all about the scientist Sir David Attenborough and painted him pictures of our favourite animals, which we posted to him. At the end of the spring term we had a lovely surprise when David wrote a wonderful letter back to us thanking us for our paintings!

As the weather has improved over the weeks, we have been spending more time outside. We have been on spring walks and have been looking at the changes in our school gardens. Some of us have been to Stonehurst Farm where we had a wonderful day looking at lots of different farm animals and enjoyed an exciting tractor ride! The year two Rabbits are very much looking forward to their trip to Twycross Zoo next week, I wonder what amazing animals we will see there?!

The Dragonflies' Autumn term 2016


The Dragonflies have had an action packed Autumn term.  Not only have they been exploring a range of different topics but they have also been fortunate enough to visit the Hindu Temple, took part in the Diwali performance with year 3 and went to the cinema to watch “Finding Dory.”  The first topic they learnt about was “Let There Be Light!”  The Dragonflies really enjoyed exploring different materials and were able to classify them as opaque and transparent.  With their new knowledge they also tested what kind of shadows the different materials make.   They finished their topic by designing their very own sunglasses and took part in a fashion show presenting their amazing creations!  The children’s creativity didn’t just end there, for their cooking they made their very own sandwich.  The children tested lots of different types of fillings and breads and designed and made their own.  The sandwiches looked delicious!  The other topic they have been learning about was “Going Underground.”  The children have been learning about the different layers of the Earth, Volcanoes, rocks their uses, how we classify them and have even created their very own non-fiction book all about Volcanoes!  The Dragonflies joined Year 3 to make their own Volcano and watched it erupt!  In their cooking they have really enjoyed testing and evaluating different types of crumble.  They tried lots of different fruits and toppings and will be creating their own this week.


Everyone in the Dragonflies wishes you a wonderful Christmas holiday!    

Rabbits Autumn Term 2016


The Rabbits have had a wonderful Autumn term. We have been busy learning about ourselves and in the second part of the term we learned all about the ‘Great fire of London.’ The children were really captivated by this topic and have created some amazing art work and fire related foods… I hope you all enjoyed tasting the wonderful things that we have cooked!

The Rabbits have enjoyed an interesting and stimulating trip to the Think Tank museum and also had a lovely Christmassy walk to a local church where Reverend Bailey told us the Christmas story.

We would like to wish you and your family a magical Christmas and a happy and healthy start to 2017.


From The Rabbits Team 

The Riverbank Autumn 2016/17 Term 1 Adventures!


The children returned from their Summer holidays full of enthusiasm for their learning.  We have welcomed new children to the Riverbank and they have settled in wonderfully!


The Rabbits are working alongside Year 2 this year and have really enjoyed learning about “Marvellous Me!”  They have been exploring their senses, naming body parts, creating self-portraits and were even lucky enough to visit the Think Tank in Birmingham to further their learning.  They all had a wonderful time.  The Rabbits also wrote their own postcards; did you get yours?


The Dragonflies are working alongside Year 3 and have been very busy this half term!  Their topic has been called “Let There Be Light” and they have been very busy learning about different materials, shadows and even designed their own sunglasses!  The Dragonflies have been learning about Hinduism and they really enjoyed their trip to the Hindu Temple.  As part of their cooking lessons, the children tested, designed and created their own sandwiches.  The children were very adventurous and especially enjoyed the tasting process!


Last but by no means least…the Otters!  They have teamed up with Year 5 and have made a super start to their topic “Out of this World!”  The Otters visited the Space Centre in Leicester and they learnt lots and lots about the Solar System.  The Otters continued with their science theme by testing what happens if you blow a balloon up using yeast!  The children also used yeast in their cooking (not the same yeast of course!), and they really enjoyed learning about how it works in baking.


The children have also really enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl on the 13th September 2016 and the whole school had a French Breakfast and learnt a few French phrases too!  


Have a peak at some of our photographs!

What we have been getting up to

Summer 2016

The Rabbits have had a wonderful summer term that has been jam packed with lots of exciting learning experiences. We have done lots of outdoor learning and have made the most of the lovely sunshine whenever possible! We have even ventured out in the pouring rain which the children have thoroughly enjoyed!

One of the highlights of our summer term has got to be our ‘Room on the Broom’ play. The children made all of their own costumes and props and really shone on the stage like the stars that they are! It was lovely to see how enthusiastic the children were about their play and how their confidence and self-esteem grew over this time.

We have also very much enjoyed our ‘Creepy Crawlies’ topic. We explored our environment and found out where creepy crawlies like to hide and what they need to survive. We also have been busy observing worms in our very own wormery. The children have shown great care towards living creatures and have remembered to check the worms to ensure that they are ok.

For all the children moving on to the Dragonflies' class next year, I would personally like to wish you all the best for the rest of your learning journey. I have really enjoyed being your teacher! Have a wonderful summer holiday!

Miss Dixon

Rabbits Autumn 2015

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a wonderful summer break. The Rabbits have come back to school with smiles on their faces and with an eagerness to learn. We warmly welcome our the children that are new to the Rabbits' class this year. We are looking forward to using and extending our imaginations in our fun and fantasy topic. This half term we will also be learning about pesky pirates and dangerous dinosaurs, we can’t wait!! J

Dragonflies Autumn 2015


We hope you had a very enjoyable summer break and got up to lots of fun!  The Dragonflies have made fantastic start to the year, they are full of excitement, eagerness to learn and keen to make new friends.  We have had a new member join our class and she has already settled in wonderfully.  Our eagerness to learn will be put to good use as the Dragonflies are teaming up with year 2 to explore our first topic “Marvellous me!”  We will be learning all about the body and we are even lucky enough to be visiting the Think Tank Museum in Birmingham to see how our bodies work. 

Rabbit's Summer learning


The Rabbits have had a wonderful summer term! We have spent as much time as possible in the great outdoors and have thoroughly enjoyed all of our summer topics! We spent a few weeks learning about growing and looked at how animals and plants change and grow. We made some amazing ‘Mr Grass Heads’ that we took responsibility for and had to remember to water every day. We carried out scientific investigations and looked at what would happen if a plant didn’t have water or light.

We all loved our ‘Pets’ topic and were very brave when it came to meeting and petting real life animals that teachers and parents bought in to show us.

We continued our animal theme and then moved on to learning about ‘Under water animals.’ We enjoyed watching ‘finding Nemo’ as a special treat and enjoyed talking about all of the sea creatures we could see. We had lots of fun doing imaginary play with water and various sea creatures as well as cooking with tuna and seafood sticks.

We finished off the year by learning all about ‘space.’ This topic really grabbed our attention and we have been fascinated by the some of the clips of planet Earth we have watched. We made HUGE space shuttles and astronaut suits and will be going on a ‘space adventure’ very soon!


Wishing you all a lovely summer break.



The Rabbits super spring learning!


The Rabbits have had a fun filled spring term and have been very busy indeed! We have learnt all about dinosaurs and enjoyed ordering a time line as well getting to grips with saying some of those tricky dinosaur names! We participated in a fabulous assembly with the Foundation stage children and loved learning and singing some new dinosaur songs that really helped us to remember some amazing dinosaur facts! We also enjoyed learning about Shrove Tuesday and the story behind it as well celebrating Chinese New Year!  We have been busy enjoying the great outdoors, looking for signs of spring, writing and drawing pictures of our observations. Towards the end of the term we have been learning about farm animals and had a great day trip out to Stonehurst farm where we saw lots of farm animals and even had a ride on a tractor!

The start of the summer term brings the topic of ‘Pets.’ We are very much looking forward to lots of happy outdoor learning and can’t wait to get stuck in and learn even more new things!

The Rabbits' Autumn Adventures!

The Rabbits have had a wonderful time this Autumn term! We have had lots of exciting learning opportunities and have created some wonderful work. Miss Dixon is very proud of all that we have achieved.


We started off the term learning all about ourselves. We labelled body parts, learned about our families and explored where we live. We especially enjoyed looking at our houses on Google earth and writing letters home.


Our topic of 'Traditional tales' was great fun! In literacy we explored the text and learnt the story of 'Goldilocks and the three bears' by heart. We then got dressed up and acted out our own version of Golidlocks, we did a super job! Miss Dixon filmed us and we loved watching it back and showing the other children in the Riverbank. We also made some paper mache masks of other traditional tales characters that we had been learning about.  


Next we moved on to learning about fairy tales. We got to grips with the story of Cinderella and received a special invite to Cinderella's ball. We created our own ball gowns and crowns and had an amazing time meeting the characters from the story whilst we learned to ballroom dance and eat like princes and princesses!


Most recently we have learnt about the story of Christmas. This was very exciting as we were able to perform in the KS1 nativity! We have been very busy doing lots of Christmas arts and crafts including 3D santas, hand print Christmas cards and party hats! We also were so enthused by a pantomime that we watched in school that we decided to create our own. We came up with our own characters, story line and made our own costumes. Miss Dixon will be sending the DVD of 'The Grumpy snowman' home very soon!


In the new year we will be learning about Winter and also exploring the Disney story of Frozen.


The Dragonflies splendid Spring term!


The Dragonflies kicked off the Spring term with their topic “Let there be light!”  It was an ideal opportunity for the children to showcase their artistic, scientific and creative abilities.  The Dragonflies learnt about Leonardo da Vinci and focused on his work of self-portraits and his use of shading.  The children used a photo of themselves and traced the outline of their face and their facial features.  It was very clear who was who as the likeness was uncanny!  Following on from that, the children explored sources of light and whether or not they are man-made or natural.  The topic was brought to a close by the children learning how to stay safe around Electricity.  In contrast, the Dragonflies next topic was Ancient Egypt.  It was fantastic to see the children’s inquisitive side as they had tons of things they wanted to know about this ancient civilisation.   The children started by exploring how the Ancient Egyptians used the River Nile, and also the story behind Tutankhamen and the discovery of his Tomb in 1922. The topic did not just stay in the classroom, the children joined year 3 for lots of activities!  In PE they learnt how to ‘dance like an Egyptian,’ joined in with a performance of “The Dragon who ate our school” and took part in a crime scene investigation workshop, the children had to solve a dog napping crime!  During Science week, the Dragonflies conducted a huge experiment on sound and how it is made.  The children made excellent observations and particularly liked the part when Miss.  Brown got splashed in the face with water!  Bringing Science week to a close was the Solar Eclipse.  It was wonderful to see the children all come together to enjoy such a rare experience.  The Dragonflies have been work extremely hard this Spring term and are looking forward to the Summer term already!  The children will be visiting New Walk Museum and also learning about Richard III.

The Dragonflies

Autumn term adventures


The children in the Dragonflies have made a brilliant start to their academic year!  They have shown Miss Brown that they are not afraid of hard work and trying new things!  They have had quite a journey; the first half of the autumn term saw the children exploring the deep blue sea in the “Commotion in the Ocean” topic.  The children were lucky enough to visit the Sea Life Centre, they were a pleasure to take and wonderfully behaved!  They were particularly impressed with the Penguins who seemed to be having a jolly good time dipping and diving in their cold habitat, as well as the giant Sea Turtle which they saw up close!  That was not the end of exploring the Animal Kingdom for Dragonflies, they explored habitats and could identify why certain animals live where they do.  Whilst exploring the deep sea and becoming animal experts, the Dragonfly children also got creative!  They made their very own pop-up books of a sea creature, they were very impressive!


The second half of the autumn term saw the dragonflies follow the Ocean by exploring the voyages of Christopher Columbus! The topic was “Wild West” and the children showed wonderful empathy skills by imagining what the Native American Indians would have thought when the settlers arrived.  They also researched how the Sioux tribes lived and joined year 3 to look at Tipis!  In RE, the children visited a Hindu temple.  They were asking some wonderful questions and took a lot from the visit.  Towards the end of the autumn term the children have been getting ready for Christmas, they loved watching the “Snow Queen” pantomime and have made some wonderful crafts.


The spring term will see the Dragonflies starting their new topic “Let there be light!”  If the children work as hard as they have in the autumn term then Miss Brown will be a very lucky teacher!

The Otters

The Otters had a very busy start to their new school year. They welcomed four new members into the class. We now have seven children in our group. Our first topic was ‘Out of this World’ and we learnt lots about our solar system. We now know the names of all the planets and some of their individual characteristics. We designed rockets and learnt about the clothes astronauts wear –just in case we ever travel into space. We even made planet biscuits – delicious! We finished our learning with a visit, along with Year 5, to The Space Centre in Leicester.


In the second half of the autumn term we began an exciting new topic –‘Crime and Punishment’. This was a completely new topic for everyone in school so we felt like real pioneers with our learning. We began by identifying different crimes and then deciding on the most appropriate punishment. This was really interesting as we soon began to find out that criminals 100 years ago, even children, were punished in very different ways to how they are punished today. We had great fun in writing our own prisoner profiles and Mrs Robinson even took a photograph of each one of us ‘behind bars’. We studied finger prints and used the unique patterns as a starting point for our art projects of printing and sketching. We even embroidered a copy of the pattern for a calendar.

The end of term finished with a Christmas party, a pantomime, Christmas lunch, a concert and a visit from Santa –Ho! Ho! Ho!