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Year 4




year 4 long term plan




These are the Ukulele chords we have been learning

Smashing Saxon Villages!

Spring 1

Year 4 have had a very busy half term! We have been learning about the Smashing Saxons and in particular what village life was like. The next topic we will be moving onto is the Vicious Vikings! 


In Maths, we covered multiplication, looking at patterns in the times tables and using the grid method to solve more difficult multiplication questions. 


In English, each child created their own machine and wrote explanations on how their machine would work. Following on from this we moved onto legends, and they wrote a new chapter for a Robin Hood legend. 


Science has been great fun too! Year 4 created their own water cycles in a bag and have learnt all about the digestive system, even creating their own practical version of a digestive system. 

Times Table Meeting for Parents

Thank you very much to all the parents who came to find out more information about the new Year 4 times table assessment. If you were not able to make the meeting, please see the information below. 


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to come and ask your child's class teacher.








Just a quick reminder:

Maths homework will be sent out every two weeks.

My Choice homework will be sent out approximately every three weeks.

Spellings will be given out every week.

PE & Swimming:

Indoor PE is on Thursdays for both classes.

Outdoor PE or Swimming is on Fridays.

Please make sure that all jewellery is removed for PE lessons. 

September 2019

Welcome to Year 4!  This year your teachers are Mrs Hall and Mrs Millard (in the Foxes) and Mrs Edwards (in the Badgers).  We are supported by Mrs Mohammed and Mrs Bains.  We have a very exciting year ahead of us where we will be covering the following topics:


Commotion in the Ocean

Pole to Pole (Changing State)

Smashing Saxons

Vicious Vikings

Wild, Wild West

The Lost Valley


We are looking forward to a fantastic year and our door is always open for any concerns or advice you need to ensure that your child has the best experience in Year 4.  This year we will continue to develop your child's independence and follow Brookside's golden rules:


We are kind and helpful

We are honest

We are gentle

We are hardworking

We listen

We look after our property

July 2019

We enjoyed meeting all the children new to Year 4 this week and are excited about teaching them next year. If you missed the welcome meeting earlier in the term, please find attached details of the information shared. 

Have a great summer.

Mrs Millard, Mrs Hall and Mrs Edwards