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Year 2

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Wide range of activities for reading, writing and maths. Please look through these with your child and have a go at some of the fun activities to support their learning:

Weekly Timetable




  • reading with your child/children
  • asking questions about their books
  • making own characters from a story they like
  • spend time each day for independent reading
  • get your child to read to you
  • make story boards
  • create own story board



  • write a diary
  • create a poster
  • create a newspaper article
  • write sentences about a picture from the internet, using adjectives, connectives, punctuation.
  • write own stories
  • write own non-fiction factfiles


  • continue to follow Brookside TV for our maths strategies and complete any activities.
  • count in 2’s, 5’s, 10’s
  • addition and subtraction two 2 digit numbers
  • multiplication and division
  • fractions
  • 2D and 3D shapes