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Welcome to the Butterfly Page!

Another fun-packed week in the Butterfly classroom. We have learned all about different fruits and vegetables (and had our minds blown that tomatoes and peppers are really fruits!) and how some things are grown and then turned into something else. We looked at the story of the Little Red Hen and found out about how wheat is ground into flour and then made into bread and even had a go at making some rolls ourselves! They were delicious! The next day we even made our own orange juice to - it was hard work squeezing out the liquid! We also looked a little bit at what kinds of food are healthy for us and what kinds of food should just be a treat. We were very happy on Tuesday to have lots of our parents join us to learn about how we practise our gross and fine motor skills at school. Thank you to so many of you that were able to make it - the children really loved having you here!


In phonics we learned 'p', 'i' and 'n' and in maths we moved onto Number 2. We have been watching some numberblocks episodes as a starter and the Butterflies love them! Then on Friday in R Time we worked on listening to our partner, sharing and taking turns and being able to negotiate who would have a go at each activity first. And now it is time for a well earned break! Don't forget we have rescheduled the Autumn Work for Tuesday 22nd (weather permitting) so make sure your Butterfly has a warm, waterproof coat and hat and gloves that day as well as ensuring their wellies are back in school. Thank you! Have a wonderful week! Goodbye and Toodle-loo for now!

This week in the Butterfly class we've been learning about Autumn and all it brings! And it's been a suitably cold and wet week to match. Though this did unfortunately been we had to postpone our Autumn walk to the Farmer's Field till after half term (date to be confirmed next week). Thankfully the rain did stop later in the week and we were able to go on a little walk around school where we found lots of brightly coloured leaves and even some conkers. In phonics this week we've begun to learn some sounds - this week we covered 's', 'a' and 't' and thought about where we can hear those sounds in different words. In maths we've started by looking at zero and number one. We have been thinking about how something can be 1 group of something and therefore still be one even if it contains lots: for example a packet of crisps is one packet but inside are lots of crisps or you might have 1 set of keys with lots of key on the keyring. We've had lots of fun mixing colours to make Autumn leaf pictures. This week all the children should have brought home their first reading book - this is a lilac level book where there are no words and only pictures. Your child should make up the story using as much detail as possible based on what they can see. Try to encourage them to think about what the characters might be saying too. If you can read with your child 3/4 times a week this will really help improve both their confidence and skills! Have a wonderful weekend. Goodbye and toodle-loo!
This week we have been talking about our families. Thank you to everyone that has already brought in their family photo. The children have really enjoyed sharing about these in small groups. We haven't quite got through all of the class yet so if you still have it to bring in then please do, as we'd like everyone to have the chance to do this activity. We have also started looking at the Oxford Reading Tree Books about the Robinson Family and have been learning all about them too. We have began "reading" some lilac books together where they are pictures but no words and the children have to make up the story based on what they see. Next week we will start taking groups to have a go themselves, and the children will begin to bring these home to share with you too. We've also been learning about pattern and the Butterflies have had a go at making a 2 or sometimes even 3 part colour pattern. In phonics we've been continuing to practise rhyme and also started some oral blending with short CVC (3 sound) words. You could play at home too - "can you get me your b-a-g?" Next week we move onto the new topic of Autumn. We will be going for our autumn walk on Tuesday. If you would like to come along and help please sign up on the sheet outside the double doors - though please be aware younger siblings may not attend. Have a wonderful weekend. Goodbye and toodle-loo for now!
This week we have been learning about ourselves and our bodies. We have spent lots of time drawing, painting and creating different versions of ourselves trying to make sure we add in all the details. We began our phonics sessions this week with a small amount of phase one; looking at rhyming, rhythm, instrumental sounds and environmental sounds! This week we also had our first go at P.E. We didn't get fully changed but we all took off our shoes and socks and did really well. Next week we will be putting on our full P.E. kit so please make sure your child has their named shorts and t-shirt in a bag on their peg. On Friday we also spent a lot of time looking at different shapes; making shape pictures by sticking or drawing round them; with the magnetic shapes; and with the elastic bands too. We also started doing some dance lessons where we all pretended to be stars. Thankfully the weather has been really nice this week so we have been able to do free flow every afternoon where the children can choose if they want to learn inside or outside. We hope you have a lovely restful weekend! Goodbye and toodle-loo for now! 
We have had a busy few weeks in the Butterfly classes settling into our new routines and surroundings. We have been having a go at so many different activities from painting to cutting, sticking to constructing, role play to tricycle riding. We have started doing whole class circle time and trying to get to know our new friends too. Each day during the first two weeks we looked at a nursery rhyme and did lots of different activities linked to this rhyme. Each day we begin with the register followed by an input on the days topic. After this we complete some "busy jobs" (the name we give to the special activities that the teachers want us to have a go at) and other activities. Next we have some fruit and time to play outside. From week three we will then have a short phonics session before going over to the dinner hall for lunch. In the afternoon we have another register session and then complete some more busy jobs; both inside and outside whilst the weather is still so nice before coming in for a story and some milk. Then finally it's time to go home! Each week this page will be updated with photos and information about what we have been getting up to in our busy Butterfly classroom! So please check back each week and talk to your child about what you can see them doing. Goodbye and toodle-loo for now!