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Year 6



Year 6 is split into 2 classes:

Oak- taught by Miss Chunara

Maple- taught by Mrs Mays


In Year 6 we try to follow 3 basic rules:


Be Ready- have everything you need to learn ready for the day, including your attitude.

Be Respectful- show each other and yourselves respect by being considerate and mature.

Be Responsible- take care of your school, other pupils and property by being kind and setting good examples for others to follow. 


Our PE days are Tuesday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor). Year 6 pupils are expected to keep their kit at school for a half term, and take it home in the holidays to wash.

During the winter pupils will still be going outside and will need to be suitably dressed to keep warm.


Every Wednesday the children will be given spelling homework, and additional homework will be set as needed. 


Watch this space for more details about the SATs as they get closer, there will be additional meetings for parents to attend; look at the bottom of the page for links about secondary school places.