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Year 5



Relay Maths

We were very lucky today, we had a some Year 9 students and two maths teachers from Manor High School come and do some maths activities with both classes. We had to work out some maths problems as quick as we could. The children were great and the Manor staff were very impressed with our knowledge. Looking good Year 5!



We have been really busy over the last few weeks with our trip to Hunstanton and our transition work with Manor High School. Hunstanton was a great day out and we were very lucky with the weather! No rain! It stayed warm and dry for us. 

The children walked along the promenade and got to observe the rock erosion along the cliffs there. We finished the day by creating our own art work inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. It was a wonderful day.


Vaisakhi Day

Today, Friday 10th May 2019, has been a wonderful day for us in Year 5. After two weeks of practising, we performed our Vaisakhi assembly to the whole school and to our adults. Well done to all of the Year Five children! We are so proud of all of your loud voices, dramatic performances and the great dancing. Thank you to those adults that came to watch. We hope you enjoyed it!

We finished our last performance with a procession through the school, where the whole school got involved. It was so much fun! 

Year Five would like to say a special thank you to Mrs Dave, who helps us to organise our Vaisakhi assembly every year. We could not do it without you. Thank you!


Greek Celebration Afternoon

Last Friday, we came together to celebrate all of our wonderful work we have done in the Ancient Greeks topic. The kids have completed some amazing work and parents were allowed to come and see their work, pots and pulleys. We also got to taste Greek food and the children got to show off their Greek dancing. We all had an amazing time, we hope the adults that joined us, did too. Thank you to all of the adults that came and supported us. 


Gurdwara Visit

On Friday 29th March, we visited the Gurdwara on East Park Road. The trip was part of our Year 5 religious education curriculum programme. Year 5 learnt all about the Sikh religion and how they practice their religion. We had the opportunity to walk around the temple and look at the different areas in the Gurdwara. At the end of the visit, we got to taste the wonderful food they had cooked for us. Ask your child what they liked about the trip and all the facts they learnt.


Simple Machines

This week, the Year 5's have been learning about how simple machines work. We have been especially focussing on pulleys. Make sure you ask your child about what a pulley is and how it works. We investigated how more pulleys can help lift the load easier. Here are some of our models.


Greek Cooking

The Eagles and Falcons have had a lovely time baking Greek cookies. We were able to use a recipe given by one of our parents. They were very tasty and full of flavour. Ask your child if they can tell you how to make them.


Local MP Visits Year 5

This morning, on Friday 18th January, we had another special visitor, our local MP Neil O'Brian. He spent some time talking to the children about his role and what it entails. Again, the children asked some great questions and Neil was very impressed with their knowlegde and enthusiasm. Your adults at school were very proud of you! Please ask the children about their exciting week and what they have learnt this week.

Year 5 would also like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Dave who organised these exciting opportunities for us this week. 


Special Visitors

This week we have had some very special visitors coming to tell us all about the exciting roles that they have in our local community. We had a local Councillor come and talk to us, along with three gentlemen from the police service. The Councillor, Cllr Loydall, who is the Chair of Community Safety Partnership, at Oadby and Wigston Borough Council, spoke to the children about all of the exciting ways he tries to help in our community. Police Inspector Mike Cawley also joined us for the morning along with two police officers, Michael and Len. They showed up with a police van that the children were able to explore and even sit inside of. All of the children were super excited and really enjoyed the whole morning. They will not be forgetting this experience for a while! All of our visitors also mentioned how friendly and welcoming the school was and how the children were beautifully behaved. The Year 5 team were very proud of all of the children and very impressed with the questions they asked throughout the morning.


Happy New Year!

We would like to say a huge welcome back to all of our Eagles and Falcons, and their families. We have got lots of exciting things happening this Spring Term and we are all super eager to get started. So watch this space!

A Great First Term!

All of the staff in Year 5 would like to say a massive thanks to all of you at home for all of your support during the Autumn Term. It was a fabulous term and we all had lots of fun. The children enjoyed learning about the Earth, Sun and the Moon. They also enjoyed learning all about their local area and how crime and punishment has developed and changed throughout the years. 

The children had a wonderful time at the Space Center and really enjoyed watching Sherlock Gnomes at the cinemas in Loughborough. 

We hope that the Spring Term continues to be just as successful and fun for all of us!





This year the Year Fives will be learning about a wide and diverse curriculum:


Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
  • Space

  • Forces

  • Crime and Punishment

  • Our local area

  • Ancient Greeks
  • Solids, Liquids and Gases

  • Coastlines

  • Life Cycles

  • Transition


The Eagles and Falcons try hard to follow the golden rules that we use throughout school.


We are kind and helpful

We show respect

We look after property

We work hard

We are gentle

We are honest

We listen carefully


We know that these are the rules for life.


We try very hard in Year 5 to further our social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding. This is done throughout whole school day in a variety of ways but especially through assemblies, 'Thought of the Day', R-Time and Seal. We are also very lucky at Brookside to be able to celebrate different religious festivals during our celebration days.