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Year 3



year 3 long term plan



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New Walk Museum Trip

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic we visited the New Walk Museum in Leicester.

We had the opportunity to learn more about life in Ancient Egypt, handle artefacts and learn about the mummification process. We were also able to take part in some fun activities which included dressing up as Ancient Egyptians, a food game and a mummification game! We all had a great day and have learnt even more about Ancient Egypt!


Design and Technology

As part of our light topic Year 3 designed and made their very own sunglasses.  First we evaluated different types of sunglasses. They learnt about intended users and design criteria and how this is important to think about when they are creating their own design.  The children really enjoyed this activity and they all looked fabulous.


Diwali Day

Everyone in Year 3 really enjoyed celebrating Diwali!  After a very successful assembly we relaxed and had an afternoon of crafts and delicious food.  Year 3 worked really hard learning their lines for our assembly and we were very proud of them.  A big thank you to Mrs Dave who gave her time to help us produce such a fantastic performance!


Co-op visit

On 30th September 2019, children from year 3 and the Riverbank visited the local co-op to find out more information about Fairtrade.  We enjoyed finding out about where different products came from and how supporting Fairtrade helps farmers in developing countries.


Roald Dahl Day

On Friday 13th September, Year 3 had a fabulous day celebrating the life and works of the much loved children's author - Roald Dahl.  We were so impressed with the effort that the children made in dressing up as characters from his books and we were pleased to raise money for the Roald Dahl Magnificent Children's Charity.  The teachers enjoyed dressing up too!!


Throughout the day we learnt about the life of Roald Dahl, made a collage of the Roly Poly bird and, our favourite part, made Snozzcumbers!  We loved the children carefully cutting cucumbers and they enjoyed eating their very healthy snack!  See the pictures below to share in our fantastic day!


Roly Poly Bird




Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome to Year 3 and the beginning of your child starting their key stage 2 adventure!  This year your teachers are Miss Clark, Mrs Bodycote and Mrs Naseer (who covers for Mrs Bodycote every Wednesday).  We are supported by Miss Field who is our learning support assistant.  We have a very exciting year ahead of us where we will be covering the topics of:




Exciting Egyptians

Remarkable Rainforests

Going Underground



We are looking forward to a fantastic year and our door is always open for any concerns or advice you need to ensure that your child has the best experience in year 3.  This year we will develop your child's independence and follow Brookside's golden rules:


We are kind and helpful

We are honest

We are gentle

We are hardworking

We listen

We look after our property

Weekly Reminders


Indoor PE is every Tuesday.

Outdoor PE is every Wednesday (this alternates with swimming and you will be notified of the half term your child will be swimming)


Homework is given to consolidate or extend your child's learning.


homework is given out every Friday and is due in the following Thursday.


homework is given out either at the end or part way though a topic being taught e.g. place value.  A homework sheet is given alongside a yellow homework book for the children to record their answers.

My Choice: 

A piece of homework will be given for each topic (and some in between). Your child will be given guidance on what they could include in their homework but can represent their work in anyway they choose.  We expect at least 2 pages for each task and the children are given 2 weeks to complete this work.  Any parent comments on your child's work is welcomed!