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Year 2

Website Links

Wide range of activities for reading, writing and maths. Please look through these with your child and have a go at some of the fun activities to support their learning

Busy Things

Purple Mash


If schools are closed they are offering free resources for parents to use

Twycross Zoo

Have lots of information about animals that the children could have a look at

White Rose Maths

Offering free maths teaching sessions which we do use at Brookside!

Weekly Timetable


  • reading with your child/children
  • asking questions about their books
  • making own characters from a story they like
  • spend time each day for independent reading
  • get your child to read to you
  • make story boards
  • create own story board
  • write a diary
  • create a poster
  • create a newspaper article
  • write sentences about a picture from the internet, using adjectives, connectives, punctuation.
  • write own stories
  • write own non-fiction factfiles

High Frequency Words Writing

Sentence Writing Pictures

Monster Surprise Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

Reading Leopards

Sample SATs Reading Mark Scheme

Sample SATs Reading Paper 1

Sample SATs Reading Paper 2 - Answer Booklet

Sample SATs Reading Paper 2 - Reading Booklet
English - SATs Survival Reading Revision Activity Mat Pack

Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Non-Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Poetry Reading Revision Mat

Reading Mat Guidance

  • continue to follow Brookside TV for our maths strategies and complete any activities.
  • count in 2’s, 5’s, 10’s
  • addition and subtraction two 2 digit numbers
  • multiplication and division
  • fractions
  • 2D and 3D shapes

Home Learning Pack

Sample SATs Maths Arithmetic

Sample SATs Math Marking Scheme

Sample SATs Maths Reasoning
Maths - Activity Booklet

Maths Activity Booklet

Maths Activity Booklet - Answers
Learning Pack

Creative Writing Prompt Question Writing Frames

Easter Themed Basket Craft

KS1 The Mystery At The Grange Portrait Gallery Maths Game

Science Plants Learning From Home Activity Booklet

Science Uses Of Everyday Materials Learning From Home Activity Booklet

Snakes And Ladders With 2, 3 and 5 Times Table Board Game

Spot Mr Whoops Mistakes Y1 Y2 Common Exception Words

Science Activities