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Useful Information

Accidents and Illness in school

Despite our precautions there might be an occasional accident or a child becomes ill at school. In such an event, parents are notified as soon as possible. In cases of sudden illness we will contact you to collect your child. We will take such action as we think fit and will contact emergency services where necessary. Please make sure you keep all your contact details up to date.

The administering of medicines at school is VOLUNTARY. Prior agreement must be sort and a medical form completed by the parent or carer. Wherever possible parents should come to school to administer medicine. Parents/carers are responsible for collecting medicines.


Assessment & Reporting

We assess children in many ways such as by informal or structured observation and using selective tasks or group tasks so that each child has an opportunity to demonstrate success in the best way possible. The information obtained in this process is helpful in ensuring that we can match learning opportunities to the child's stage of development in order that they remain an active learner by taking into account their own unique experiences, abilities and needs.


Child Protection

Safeguarding children – Information for Parents

Our school feels it is of the utmost importance to have good systems for protecting children and safeguarding their welfare, throughout all the activities which the school undertakes.  This means that staff and volunteers must be alert to possible concerns about every pupil, and to report these in a proper fashion.  The school has a safeguarding, child protection, safe internet and ICT usage policies: parents may request a copy of these.

It is important for parents to be aware that:

  • Staff and volunteers in the school have a duty to report concerns about a child, whether this means the child may be in need of additional support or help of some kind or whether it is thought that a child may have been abused or be at risk of abuse.
  • There are four categories of abuse: physical, sexual, emotional, neglect.
  • In some cases, the school is obliged to refer children to children’s social care, for their needs to be assessed or if an investigation into possible child abuse is required.  In many cases there will already have been discussions between school staff and the parents of the child, and the situation and concerns will not be a surprise to the parents; however, parents may not be told that the school has referred their child to children’s social care if it is thought that this might put the child at risk.
  • Children’s social care tries to carry out its enquiries in a sensitive fashion.  It has to gather information and generally it can be open with parents about the steps being taken.
  • If you think your child may have been abused you should contact the children’s social care office.  If you think the abuse may have happened in school, contact the Headteacher, the Designated Senior Person for Child Protection, who is Miss Brown.  If you think your child has been hurt, arrange to visit your doctor.  Comfort and reassure your child.
  • If school staff need to express concerns about a child or refer a child to children’s social care, it is understood that this can cause distress or anger for the child’s parents. 
  • School will follow County guidance whenever concerns are raised about a child’s welfare or well being and work according to the advice received from Social Services.
  • We will send out internet safety forms and promote safe practices within school at all times.

For parents’ enquiries please contact: Miss Brown


Coming to School and Going home


There are two pedestrian entrances from the road to the school grounds.  This is a very busy site and it is essential that children use the pedestrian access and not the main vehicle access gates. It is dangerous to walk through the vehicle entrance.

Crossing Warden

Children must cross the road at the point where the patrol is on duty outside school.  If there is no Crossing Warden on duty, please impress on your child the need for care if he/she has to cross Copse Close or Severn Road.



If you have a concern or query you should, in the first instance, contact the school so that the matter can be discussed with a member of staff and/or the Headteacher.  The majority of anxieties and questions can usually be dealt with in this way. Please speak to your child's class teacher in the first instance if your query is regarding your child's education or peer concerns.

However, if complaints cannot be resolved then the formal procedures involving the School Governors can be implemented.


Equal opportunity & Anti racism statement

This school wishes to develop attitudes and ways of behaving that are appropriate to living in a society which is committed to providing equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, gender or disability and which actively works to eradicate racism and sexism.

The school follows statutory procedure and reports annually to the Governing Body on any racist incidents. 


Excuse Notes

Children may only be excused from Physical Education lessons in exceptional circumstances (i.e. a broken arm). A letter from parents will be required stating the reason. Generally if children are well enough to be in school, then they should be fit enough to take part in the whole curriculum. 

Before you send a child back to school after an illness, please ensure they can cope with the school day. Please do not send your child to school if they are still poorly and are likely to pass on infections to other children.



Children at Brookside are very young, and it can be a long day to go without food during a busy day when they are learning. Advice we have been given, suggests that most of our children are too young too fast. Please discuss with the Headteacher if you have any concerns. Children will be expected to take part fully in all aspects of the National Curriculum at all times.



The Governing body is arranged into four sub-committees (Personnel, Curriculum, Strategic and Finance).  These meet termly and are then followed by a meeting of the full governing body to ratify any decisions which have been taken.  


Healthy School


At Brookside School we believe that we can keep healthy by:-

- eating healthy food, exercising, thinking positively and keeping our minds clear and active.

We will encourage people to consider others by:-

- keeping our school tidy, not parking in our school grounds and considering the needs of others.


Break time - Children are allowed to bring small healthy snacks for break.  As this is a Healthy School, only fruit, vegetables, cheese etc are allowed.  (No sweets, crisps, biscuits, nuts or chocolates). Please send snacks in sealed, named, returnable containers.  Children in Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage receive fruit daily from the National Fruit Scheme and do not need a snack from home.

Milk - Children may have a small bottle of semi-skimmed milk daily, if their parents purchase it. Parents can register with an outside company, ‘Cool Milk’ who handle the administration of this scheme.  This can be done online at  Foundation Stage children can have free milk up to their fifth birthday, but parents will still need to register in order for their child to receive it.  Please contact the school office for a more information.

Water - Many children like to drink water during the school day and we have a number of water fountains around school. Some choose to bring a water bottle to school so that they can drink during lessons, too. If your child does this, please ensure that they only bring water, not juice. It is also a good idea to name the bottle!

Sun Safety - Parents are reminded that they should send their children in appropriate clothing for warm days and send them to school with appropriate protection to include hats, sunglasses and sun cream. Sun safety is taught in school and we ask parents and staff  to act as good role models by practising sun safety.  Children can apply their own sun screen however younger children will be assisted where necessary. Outdoor activities will take place in the shade wherever possible and children are encouraged to use shady areas at break times, lunchtimes, sports and trips. 



Homework is set as appropriate according to age and needs of the child. We hope parents will work co-operatively with the teachers to help their child with their homework if help is necessary. The amount and range of homework set will vary according to the age of the child. We encourage parents to continue to read, talk about and enjoy books together. This is vital to children.



The school has a well stocked library which all children are encouraged to use. Staff ensure that all the material is up to date and books are regularly replaced and the stock added to. A display area within the library provides the opportunity to draw the children's attention to a particular theme or subject using books from the library stock. A computerised lending system enables children to use the library independently. We also encourage children to use their own public libraries.



Office Hours: 8.30am - 4.30pm Term Time Only

When reporting a child's absence, please leave a message on the office answering machine. Ring 0116 2713680. Hopefully you will find answers to many of your questions on the website however please do not hesitate to contact us.



P.E kit should be kept in school at all times except when being cleaned and therefore be available for use as and when necessary. Please make sure all school uniform including P.E. kit is labelled with your child's name.


Parents Evenings

Parents are invited to parents evenings at which they can meet and talk to the teachers about their children. Our aim is that we should co-operate to forge active and informed partnerships which will benefit the children. At these meetings you will also be informed of the target areas upon which your child should focus.

At the end of the academic year there is a welcome meeting for each year group during which teachers inform parents about aspects of the National Curriculum the children will be studying during the following year and give details of a range of activities they will be undertaking.

Parents are invited to various concerts, meetings and curriculum workshops during the year.

Written reports are sent to parents and if required can be followed by an individual consultation.



Over 1,300 children use the entrances to the schools on the campus.  In the interest of safety, parents are asked not to park, pick up, or set down children within the vicinity of the entrances. Please DO NOT try to bring your car into the school car park to set down or pick up children between the hours of 8.00am- 4.00 p.m. The automated gates will be closed during these times. Your co-operation will help to make the campus a safer place for your child. Our school council which comprises children from all year groups are very concerned about the lack of thought and care with traffic outside the school. Please do not tail gate in to school. There are a number of disabled parent/carers and taxis who are permitted on to the site, please do not follow them in. Please refer to the school's Car Parking Policy.


Peripatetic Music Lessons

Peripatetic teachers offer tuition in school for a wide range of musical instruments for children in Key Stage 2. Parents are invoiced by these teachers who liaise with the school's music coordinator over the lesson timings and days. Children who are keen to learn need not be held back by family financial hardship but should contact the School Office in order to discuss the matter with the head teacher


Photographs of children taken at school

Photographs of children will not be used in the press without your written consent. We ask for your written consent to use photographs of your child on our website when your child joins the school.

Parents and relatives of pupils should note that any photographs or video film they take at school are likely to contain images of other children, whose parents may not have given permission for them to be filmed or photographed. Such images should not be circulated more widely than the family, i.e. they should just be for family use. Any manipulation or distribution of images of children could result in prosecution.


School Activities

There is a varied programme of extra-curricular activities which provide opportunities for children to have fun and develop a range of skills. The emphasis throughout is on involvement and co-operation as well as where appropriate, encouraging a controlled competitive element. Teachers provide a number of these activities. Please make sure we have your up to date contact details as we will text you to inform you if any activities are not going ahead.Please sign up to SIMS Parent Lite to check that the information we hold on your child is up to date.


School Organisation

Children may begin this school on a voluntary basis in the autumn term after their 4th birthday. Reception children are based in a separate unit, which has its own discrete play area.

At the age of 11+ children from this school will transfer to secondary school. Many go to Manor High School which is on the same campus.

All admissions to Brookside are dealt with by Leicestershire County Council & queries should be referred to the Admissions Department. Parents need to make a formal application to the Council.

The number of children in each class and the age composition depend on the number of children in each age group each year. There are currently 2 classes for each year group. Classroom organisation is flexible consisting of whole class lessons and discussions, using a combination of ability and mixed ability groups and individual programmes of work, according to both the needs of the children and the curriculum. Sometimes the children enjoy teaching from other staff using their specialist knowledge and skills. Classes have support from Learning Support Assistants which enables all our staff to know the children's individual needs very well and ensures they make maximum progress.


School Visits

Young children learn best from real experiences and as a part of their studies we regularly take all our children on educational visits both around Leicestershire and further afield. We ask for contributions for these trips to cover the costs.

Key stage 2 children are often able to make residential trips where their work includes some outdoor and adventurous activities. These visits are a vital part of children's social and emotional development, as well as their academic growth.


Snow Line and School Closure

If the weather is severe and it becomes necessary to close the school a message will be relayed by the local radio (Radio Leicester) and we suggest you listen to the snow line reports. There will be a report each day until the school is re-opened. We may also text you to keep you informed of opening/closing decisions. Please make sure we have your up to date contact details. We will send texts and e-mails. We will use e-mails and texts to send you reminders of events.


Special Educational Needs

We are committed to supporting educational opportunities for children who have special educational needs. It is our aim to ensure every child is fully included in school life, regardless of special educational needs, disabilities, or any other factor that may affect their attainment or ability to feel integrated into school.

All staff work closely with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) to identify and provide for those pupils who require additional support to enable them to reach their full potential. Mrs W. Worrall and Mrs S. Hobson are our SENCO's for Main School and they liaise with outside agencies for additional advice and support. Mrs G. Sahota leads the Personal Learning Base.

Developing a close working relationship with parents of children with special needs is essential. The governing body has a statutory duty to monitor SEN policy and practice. The school's SEN policy is on the website.



Our recommended school uniform consists of blue sweatshirt with the Brookside logo, shirts/blouses and grey/black skirt/trousers for the cooler days and a white T-shirt/blouse and grey skirt/trousers for the warmer days. If you wish, children may wear shorts and a summer dress in warmer weather. All uniform should be marked with your child's name, Uniform can may be purchased from:-

  • Trendy Schoolwear, 113 Uppingham Road, Leicester
  • The Schoolwear Centre, 32 Charles Street, Leicester
  • Schoolwear Solutions, 64 London Road, Oadby
  • Tesco online –

Children are expected to come to school in the school colours, neat and tidily dressed. Jeans are not allowed

Book Bags and PE bags can be purchased from the Schoolwear Solutions in Oadby.


PE kits are best kept in a draw-string bag with your child's name embroidered in large clear letters on the outside.

The bag should be kept on the child’s peg in the cloakroom.


Important – Your child will need :-

Physical Education/ Games Kit

A change of clothes for physical activities is essential and should be kept in school at all times. Items required are:-


Plimsolls (slip on are easiest for young children) Football boots (KS2)
Black P.E shorts  
Plain round-necked white T-shirt  
Jogging suit/track suit for winter (KS2)  


Many children have pierced ears and wear earrings for school. These should be small stud earrings only. Children also need to able to remove earrings by themselves for any PE or games activities. If they are unable to do so on their own, please do not send them with earrings on those days. Guidance to all schools is that no jewellery of any kind should be worn for PE. Religious jewellery can be taken off for the duration of the lesson and then put straight back on. Apart from watches, no other jewellery should be worn for school.