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Otters Spring Term

The Otters have thoroughly enjoyed their spring term where we started off with our wonderful performance of ‘Adventures of a Donut park, where our children showed real courage and talent by taking on different roles! We also joined in with Year 3 with their topic on the Romans where we looked at several aspects of their life!


We have also taken part in the Chinese New Year, pancake races and of course our highlight this term which was the sports festival where we won the trophy for the best team spirit which was an amazing accomplishment!

We also had science week which was extremely engaging for all of our children! We also took part in the Easter assembly!

Dragonflies Spring term adventures

The Dragonflies have had an extremely busy and exciting Spring term.  They started it off with a humongous bang by writing and starring in the Riverbank Pantomime.  All the children in the Riverbank blew us away with their hard work and enthusiasm, and the end result really was something special!  As part of their topic the Dragonflies learnt about the human body and British Animals.  As part of our human body topic, we visited the Think Tank with Year 2 in Birmingham.  The children were a credit to the school and a great day was had by all!  Some members of the Dragonflies took part in a “Sportsability Festival” at Huncote Leisure Centre.  This was an inclusive sports event and our team came home with the “Spirit of the games” award.  But our sports adventures do not end there, the Dragonflies and Otters teamed up as part of a Key stage 2 world cup festival that was held at Harborough Town Football Club.  In the morning the children honed their skills and, in the afternoon, they were put to test!  Our two teams were assigned a country and took part in the “World Cup.”  Not only did the children return home with new football skills, but they even won the trophy!  It was a fantastic day out and certainly something we hope to do again.   In the Summer term the Dragonflies will be learning about Castles and are already excited about their upcoming trip to Warwick Castle.   


Rabbit’s Spring Term

The Rabbit’s have had a wonderful spring term! We have covered topics such as ‘ The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ and ‘Going to the café.’ The children loved visiting the local café in Oadby and were so polite and well behaved! We were all very proud of them. During the ‘Tiger who Came to Tea’ topic the children drank tea from real tea cups and had a special visit from a real Tiger!

The highlight of the term had to be ‘Adventures in Donut Park’ our whole unit pantomime that the children had total control of. They came up with their own characters, story line and even designed and made their own costumes. Thank you so much to all of the parents who took the time out to come and see our wonderful production. 😊

The children loved Easter celebration day and some of the Rabbits’ joined year one for their Easter assembly. The Rabbits’ also had a fabulous time during science week and carried out lots of fun, engaging activities.

Riverbank’s Christmas Trip 2018

The Riverbank had a super trip into town on the bus! All of the children were amazingly behaved and a true credit to Brookside Primary School.

The children loved meeting Santa and used their manners beautifully. We would like to give a special mention of thanks to Crispy Crème Donuts in the Highcross, who kindly donated scrummy donuts to all of the children and staff.

The John Lewis café put on a lovely Christmas spread for us complete with Christmas crackers and free mug filled with chocolate and marshmallows!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all very happy and healthy Christmas and joyful new year.

Wild Things By The Rabbits


The Otters have had a lovely couple of weeks and for most of it we were practicing and performing our Diwali Assembly. Thank you to those of you who could attend I know the children really appreciated it. They did ever so well and had amazing loud voices too! We have been carrying on with our topic on ‘we are what we eat’ and have been looking at teeth cleaning and the importance of this!

We have been looking at Go noodle where we dance to different songs and we did this as a whole unit and the children enjoyed this immensely. In cooking we made filled pitta pockets on our own and we followed all of the instructions given to us. In maths we are working on addition and subtraction so please check the whole blog to see what your child has been doing!

The week coming up is all about the Christmassaurus so stay peeled for all the activities we have coming up…


Dragonflies have had an action packed past few weeks! y have been getting very creative with Miss Brown and Mrs Bottomley. Dragonflies made beautiful fireworks, check out the pictures! children made beautiful poppies as part of our Remembrance Assembly. Dragonflies have been exploring primary colours and secondary colours, and have been mixing them to create artistic effects. y have recreated a piece of art that shows the devastation of the Great Fire of London. Speaking of which, the Dragonflies have been learning about the Plague as part of their topic and have decided they much prefer medicine nowadays than back then! In Science, the Dragonflies have been exploring different materials and classifying them using different criteria. Ask your child about certain materials, I’m sure you will be impressed with what they tell you. We will be conducting some experiments in the next few weeks so check back to see what else they have discovered! In English, the children have been looking at the features of instructions and also followed some instructions to make a paper aeroplane! y did an excellent job and enjoyed testing how far their planes could travel. As it was cancelled last term, the Dragonflies have finally been able to go on their walk to look at the local buildings. This has really helped them link what they know about the great fire of the London, and the causes of the fire and how and why buildings have changed over time.


The Rabbits have had we wonderful couple of weeks. We have continued learning all about the story ‘Where the wild things are’ and have been getting creative! We made a junk model wild thing from old boxes and cartons and then decorated it according to a plan we made.

A big thank you to all of those who made a wild thing mask at home! The children loved performing their dance routine dressed as a wild thing and showed great rhythm and creativity when dancing!

We have also been doing some role play and learned to act the story of ‘where the wild things are.’ The children were amazing and really loved getting into character. 😊

Next week we move on to our new topic ‘A sensory Christmas’ and we can’t wait to get stuck in!


The Dragonflies have had an exciting start to the new half term! We are learning about the great fire of London! The children have completed some fire art to bring our classroom to life. We have been using maps to locate London and Leicester, and have been learning about some famous London landmarks. On Monday the Dragonflies joined the Owls and the Woodpeckers for a fire of London day! The children and adults got dressed up and took part in lots of fun activities. We made fire bracelets to help with our dance experience, and acted out key parts of the fire of London. The Dragonflies have designed and baked their own bread after designing their own flavours. In maths, Miss Brown’s maths group have been working brilliantly using the part whole method to find the answer to subtraction questions. We were also very lucky to have a vet come and answer questions about animals. The children learnt lots and lots, and were even allowed to try out a stethoscope!

The Rabbits have a had a fantastic week. We have been learning all about the story ‘Where the wild things are.’ We have been looking closely at the authors illustrations and have learned how to become illustrators ourselves! Miss Dixon taught us how to sketch slowly and carefully and the we were all very pleased with the results of our amazing wild things! We also transferred these skills onto the computer where we controlled the mouse to draw Max from the story. In literacy we have been learning to sequence parts of the story and have enjoyed looking at the pictures from the story in detail. 😊


A special well done to this week’s certificate winners!! 😊

Otters Week

The Otters have started a topic called 'we are what we eat' and we have set up a restaurant role plat area where we get to be waiters, kitchen staff and customers to give a feel of real restaurant. In maths we have been looking at the part part whole model in relation to subtraction and the children have enjoyed working with three and even four digit numbers. In English we have been looking at what makes a good persuasive poster and we looked at what a good and bad image was and also Rhetorical questions.

This week in the Otters we have been carrying on with our Topic on superheroes and have enjoyed creating individual comic boxes for the setting of little red riding hood. We have also been sketching our faces and are in the first stages of this. So far we have traced our faces on to Paper. On Friday, we took part in Jeans for Genes day and the children loved not having to wear their school uniform!


This week the Dragonflies have been exploring different types of houses. They have used what they have learnt to paint the different types of houses, they have done a fantastic job! In their topic lessons the Dragonflies have been exploring animal habitats and have been identifying where animals might be found. They have also used collage to recreate a piece of art. On Friday the Dragonflies really enjoyed wearing their Jeans for Genes and learning about the charity their donations are headed to.


The Rabbits have had a glorious fun filled week! Our topic of ‘getting to know me’ came to a close. The children have a had a great time learning all about themselves and looking at what is the same about us and celebrating each other’s differences. ‘Jeans for Genes day’ was the highlight of our week. The children loved showing off their jeans to each other and learned about this special day through a whole school assembly.

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