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Meet The Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Head Teacher - Miss G.Brown

Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs R. Cox

Assistant Head Teacher/Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs S. Bodycote


Foundation Teaching Staff:

Mrs V. Creighton (Foundation stage Co-Ordinator)

Mrs W. Worrall (Foundation stage Co-Ordinator)

Mrs R. Shergill (School Council/Community)


Foundation Practioners:

Mrs K. Chandarana

Mrs R. Corner


Year One Teaching Staff:

Miss V. McIntosh (PE Co-Ordinator)

Miss M. Washington 


Year Two Teaching Staff:

Mr D. Panting (KS1 Co-Ordinator, Early reading & Phonics)

Mrs S. Bodycote (Maths Co-Ordinator)



Year Three Teaching Staff:

Mrs H. Willcox (Eco Council)

Miss L. Clark


Year Four Teaching Staff: 

Mrs L. Millard (English Co-Ordinator)

Mrs S. Hall (Music KS2 Co-Ordinator)

Mrs T. Kapoor (Art Co-Ordinator)


Year 5 Teaching Staff:

Mrs R. Cox (Science and KS2 Co-Ordinator)

Mrs G. Phadey (History Co-Ordinator)

Mrs S Hobson (ICT Co-Ordinator, Geography Co-Ordinator)


Year 6 Teaching Staff:

Mrs D. Mays (PHSE/Mental health & well being Co-Ordinator)

Miss Y. Chunara (PE Co-Ordinator)


Riverbank Staff:

Mrs G. Sahota (Head of the PLB) Teacher of the Otters

Miss K. Brown Teacher of the Dragonflies (PSHE)

Miss H. Dixon Teacher of the Rabbits

Mrs T.Bottomley


Cover Supervisors:

Mrs K.Mangia

Mrs R. Mohamed


PPA Cover:

Mrs A. Patel (Foreign Languages)



Office Staff - Office open 8.30am - 4.30pm

Business Manager: Mrs J. Skelton

Admin Officer: Miss H. Tansley

Bursar: Mr R. Skelton

Home School Liaison Office: Mrs U Davé


Premises Officer:

Mr D. Power


Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs I. Bains

Mrs S. Barolia

Mrs N. Bedia

Mrs F. Brown

Mrs J. Christmas

Mrs R. Clarke

Mrs K. Dattani

Miss M. Henfrey

Mrs J. Hooke

Mrs J. Kakar

Mrs S. Kenar

Mrs H. Lambat

Mrs S. Mayfield

Mrs P. Metha

Miss G. Payne

Mrs T. Perkins

Mrs Y. Sheth

Mrs F.Kali