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Key Values

Riverbank Key Values:

Love for Learning

We provide a bespoke experience with topics which respond to each individual child’s interests. We personalise learning to facilitate each child reaching their full potential.  We create and foster a love for learning within Riverbank where staff work closely with all children to find out their motivators and interests and develop these through a practical, fun and multi-sensory curriculum. Each child has a Personalised Learning Plan which is developed throughout their time at school. Their plan may alter as provision is selected according to their needs and previous outcomes at that time. 


Everybody Achieves

We work on developing new skills within the Riverbank and celebrate children’s successes and achievements through various means such as ClassDojo, star of the week and achievement assemblies. We focus on development academically but also in physical skills, emotional wellbeing, communication and interaction. Social communication and communication skills are an integral part of The Riverbank provision and we develop these skills in order for children be more independent both inside and outside of school. Communication aids are used throughout the provision and staff are trained in the use of Makaton.


Respect for All

We teach and encourage children to show respect for each other and adults. Children build positive nurturing relationships with all staff. Children have social communication sessions in which they can practice their communication and interaction skills and have opportunities to develop these skills in small groups, supported by adults.


Never give up

Children are taught to persevere and be resilient with tasks and encouraged to show determination. Children participate in tasks which respond to their interests in order to keep them motivated and engaged with their learning. Children are highly supported with their learning by adults and other professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physio Therapists, Educational Psychologists and other Health Professionals in order to ensure that all cognition and learning needs are being met and children are being fully supported in order to help them achieve their full potential.


Integration in to main school

Children are fully included in whole school events and activities when appropriate, this is decided by the school. Children join other children within the mainstream environment for playtimes, P.E sessions and sporting events where appropriate. Some children also integrate for other core subjects such as maths, English or science depending on need. Main school children are also invited to attend some sessions in to the Riverbank, this is at the head’s discretion.


Links with the wider community

Children often go out in to the local and wider community to experience social interaction and develop life skills, this includes visiting places such as Drayton Manor, Highcross, West Lodge Farm, Asda, Sainsburys and the Library. We endeavour to take all children on these visits unless there is a health and safety concern at that time.