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Riverbank provides day placements for children with moderate learning difficulties. Our classes use a variety of specific teaching approaches, which are evidence based, researched strategies that suit the learning needs of children with cognition and learning difficulties. Almost all children at Riverbank have delayed expressive and receptive language. In addition, a number of pupils have Social and Emotional, Mental Health needs. Riverbank accommodation comprises of a single storey site and each class is highly staffed to ensure quality of provision and outcomes for all children.

More about the school and facilities can be found on our website. Please note that Brookside Primary School do not take admissions in to the Riverbank. This is done by the Special Educational needs Service (SENA). Entry in to our mainstream school does not gain entry in to the Riverbank.

Admissions Arrangements: Currently 20 places for children aged 4-11 are maintained at Riverbank School. All children either have an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP). The Local Authority are responsible for issuing an EHCP and deciding whether a special school place is required. Most pupils attending Riverbank reside within Leicestershire county council, with a small number of children also attending from Leicester City. Once parents and professionals have decided to seek a special school place, special schools are approached to determine whether or not they can meet the needs of the child as set out in the EHCP. Parents are entitled to have and to voice an opinion about their preferred choice of school. We encourage parents to visit our school, to help them to make an informed decision. Once a school has been named on the EHCP there is a statutory obligation for the school to admit the child. The school and the Local Authority co-manage the admission of children to the school. When we receive information from the Local Authority about a child, we endeavour to visit them in their current setting. Admissions may take place throughout the year, but in order to make appropriate arrangements, admission dates will usually be agreed for the beginning of a term. However, this may vary based on the individual circumstances of each admission.

Process: Once a place at the school has been confirmed, we will contact parents and invite them to come in to meet staff, and for the child to come in for some transition visits. Where a child is already in a mainstream provision, we liaise with the school to gather information regarding needs, communication and progress. For a successful transition, we aim to gather a wide range of information about the child during the transition period so that we can settle them in to life in the Riverbank as smoothly as possible.


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