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Beaumanor Hall 2017

Day 1

It's been a day full of learning and fun. After we arrived and unpacked we headed out to build bridges. Some of us got wet, (mostly by accident), but in the end we all made it across. Later, we solved a murder mystery by exploring the grounds and discovering the despicable plot cooked up by two of Beaumanor Hall's historical characters. We are happy, but tired from our first day of adventuring. Enjoy our pictures below and look out for an update tomorrow. 

Day 2

Day 2 started bright and early with a quick breakfast before heading out for more adventure. First, our map reading skills were tested with an orienteering challenge, followed by an outdoor lunch. Next, survival skills, (you never know: it could save our lives one day), and shelter building. After dinner, and we headed into the Beaumanor house itself to test our nerve in the cellars. There was just enough time for a sing along before bed,  as Mrs Robinson stopped by to say hello. Our final day tomorrow before heading back to school, keep an eye this page for more details.

Day 3

Our last few hours at Beaumanor were spent facing the challenge of the 'Night Line', (in the day time). We completed an obstacle course while blind-folded, working on our communication skills. Then time for the final pack up and we headed off back to Brookside.