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Year 4

Welcome back! 


We had an action packed Autumn term!


We learnt about solids, liquids and gases in Science - we have learnt the terms: condensation, evaporation and water vapour.

Our practical investigations were based on how quickly ice melts on certain heat sources, as well as recording the temperature of ice over a given time. Some children predicted the temperature would fall as the ice melted, whereas others predicted it would rise. We had great fun finding out!


In Topic we learnt about the Polar regions. We learnt about famous explorers, what equipment we might need if we went on a polar expedition, as well as types of animals that can survive there. We even learnt that Polar bears and penguins don't even meet, because they are on opposite poles!


Spring term 2019


This term is going to be just as exciting as the last. We are going to be learning about the digestive system, our teeth, spreadsheets, 3D shapes, co-ordinates, explanation texts and much, much more.


Just a quick reminder:

Indoor PE is on Thursdays for both classes.

Outdoor PE is on Fridays for the Badgers.

Swimming will recommence for the Foxes every Friday this term.



This term has already been packed with lots of learning and fun activities.



We are learning how to the play ukulele! The children each have their own ukulele and once a week are taught by a specialist music teacher.  The children are thoroughly enjoying their lessons, which will continue up until the end of Year 4.


If your child would like to take their ukulele home, all you need to do is complete a form and return it to Mrs Hall. This way they can practise at home and improve their skills!


Upcoming trips


Friday 28th September - Sea Life Centre trip.


Thursday 15th November - Cinema trip to watch The BFG.




Maths homework will be sent out every two weeks.

My Choice homework will be sent out approximately every three weeks.

Spellings will be given out every week.


This document shows the finger positions for the chords we are learning to play.... Have a go at home....