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We are now learning the phase 5 alternate sounds.  These are the sounds we have looked at so far:


ay (play, stay, crayon)

ou (sound, ground, found)

ie (pie, tie, lie)

ea (steam, beam, sea)

oy (toy, boy, oyster)

ir (girl, bird, twirl)

ue (blue, clue, true)

ue (cue, statue, rescue)

or (horn, corn, pork)

aw (lawn, paw, draw)

au (August, launch, author)

wh (when, which, whisper)

wh (who, whole)

ph (phonics, graph, phantom)

ew (screw, threw, blew)

ew (few, pew, dew)

oe (toe, goes, dominoes)

ey (key, donkey, valley)

a-e (snake, fake, pale)

e-e (these, extreme, theme)

i-e (like, strike, time)

o-e (home, cone, mole)

u-e (flute, brute, include)

u-e (cute, cube, tube)

So far this year we have learnt:

This page will be updated weekly so that you can help your children at home with their new sounds.


qu (quack, quit, quick)

ng (long, strong, song)

sh (shut, shop, hush)

ch (chat, chop, much)

th (that, thin, bath)

ai (pain, train, Spain)

ee (sleep, keep, deep)

igh (high night, fight)

oa (boat, goat, float)

00 (book, crook, took)

oo (moon, spoon, boom)

ar (car, park, dark)

or (horn, cork, fork)

ur (fur, burn, church)

ow (cow, brown, town)

oi (soil, boil, foil)

ear (fear, clear, hear)

air (fair, chair, hair)

ure (sure, pure, cure)

er (mixer, paper, letter)