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As the year 1 phonics check approaches we have looked at all of the sounds we have looked at so far this year and asked the children which ones they think they need to practise (from phases 2, 3 and 5).  They selected*:


ll   ff   ss   ear   air   ure   nk   kn   ve   ue   aw   au   wh   ph   ew   oe   ey   a-e   e-e   o-e   u-e   ore   (and the alternate sounds listed in update 1).


*please note, most children only selected one or two of these, but we decided to practise every one that even one child said they wanted to look at again to make sure we are as ready as we can be!




In our group we have been learning some of the graphemes (letters/letter groups) that can make more than one phoneme (sound).  So far we have done:


i (fish, find)

o (hot, cold)

c (cat, cell)

g (big, gem)

ow (cow, slow)

ie (shield, pie)

y (yes, by, very, rhythm)

a (tap, table, watch)

e (bed, he)

ou (ground, shoulder)

ey (hey, donkey)

We are learning the phase 5 alternate sounds.  These are the sounds we have looked at so far:


ay (play, stay, crayon)

ou (sound, ground, found)

ie (pie, tie, lie)

ea (steam, beam, sea)

oy (toy, boy, oyster)

ir (girl, bird, twirl)

ue (blue, clue, true)

ue (cue, statue, rescue)

or (horn, corn, pork)

aw (lawn, paw, draw)

au (August, launch, author)

wh (when, which, whisper)

wh (who, whole)

ph (phonics, graph, phantom)

ew (screw, threw, blew)

ew (few, pew, dew)

oe (toe, goes, dominoes)

ey (key, donkey, valley)

a-e (snake, fake, pale)

e-e (these, extreme, theme)

i-e (like, strike, time)

o-e (home, cone, mole)

u-e (flute, brute, include)

u-e (cute, cube, tube)


I aim to update as often as we have new sounds to learn although we will be revisiting a lot of these to embed them before we move onto same letter different sounds.