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Extreme Weather


We always try to keep the school open if at all possible, however these are the arrangements we will follow if the school is to be closed.

If there are heavy snowfalls overnight, the head will obtain details of local conditions to enable an informed decision to be made. Decisions will be made based of the safety of the site, local road conditions and the ability of sufficient staff to get into school to look after the children.


The head will consult the Chair of Governors and if the decision is taken to close the school these are the procedures which will be followed.

  • Radio Leicester will be contacted by 7.30 a.m. 

  • Parents and staff will also be informed by text message. Please ensure the school office has your current contact details.

It can sometimes be difficult to get through to the radio stations, so please check your text messages regularly.


Parents will also be informed by text when the school is able to reopen. The website will be updated with news.


If there is a change to an educational visit or school activity for any reason, including weather conditions, the relevant parents/carers will be contacted by text or phone.