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Butterfly Weekly Blog

This week we have continued looking at winter and cold places. We have completed a weather chart each day. We've learnt about Inuits and some arctic animals - starting with penguins and polar bears. We've carried on doing lots of activities to develop our find motor and handwriting. We are trying to focus on having a go at writing - even if we don't know all the sounds then we can still stretch words, listen for the sounds you can hear and write them down. In maths we have been learning about how two parts can make a whole and separating the number six in lots of ways (1 and 5, 2 and 4, 3 and 3, and finally 6 and 0) and then at the end of the week having a go at adding these numbers together again.
Welcome back to our New Term at school! We hope you all had a lovely time during the holidays and had a big rest! During these 4 days back in the Butterfly class we have been looking at the season of Winter. We thought about what kind of clothes you need to wear and did lots of snowy activities. In P.E. we did our own special kind of ice skating to some winter music. It was so much fun! Next week we are continuing by thinking about Cold Places - if anyone has any kitchen rolls you can bring in for some of our activities they would be most appreciated!
This week we went on a trip to the local church St Paul's in Oadby where Reverend Bailey told us the story of Christmas and what Christians believe. We also did lots of activities in the classroom to help us remember the story and begin to get our classroom ready.
Cinderella was this week's fairy tale. We had a wonderful week thinking about all the magic and preparing for our ball. We spent a lot of time working on how to decorate things to make them look beautiful. Each of us made a mask for the ball and wrote an invitation to a partner for them to accompany us. On the Friday we had a super time dancing together!
This week we learnt about the fairy tale "The Princess and the Frog" - we focussed especially on the movement of "down, bounce up" for writing our b and p and so forth looking at the ways frog jump. We also talked about what it means to be a good friend and the importance of always telling the truth.