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Butterfly Weekly Blog 17-18

Week Thirty-Nine - Our last week as Butterflies!

We have had a lovely last week in the Butterfly classroom! We have had lots of super treats. We have had lots of water fun - both in the playground and in the swimming pool. We all were super brave and had a wonderful time in the pool. Well done Butterflies! We picked and ate our potatoes. And on Wednesday afternoon we had our Reception Graduation showing how we are now all ready for year one! Thank you so much for all your kind words and presents. We have been very grateful for all your support over the entirety of this first year and are extremely proud of their achievements! Hope you all have a super rest and look forward to seeing the Butterflies in their new classes after the summer! Goodbye and toodle-loo!

This week we have been learning about mermaids and pirates. It has been great fun dressing up and making lots of props to help us acting the part. We really enjoyed our sports day and having all our parents watch us take part in all our activities showing off our skills! 

Don't forget next week it is our swimming party on Wednesday - all children need their swimming outfit, a towel and a swimming cap. And then Thursday will be our last day in Reception. 

This week we have been working on our problem solving skills in Maths with the book "one is a snail" - working out which creatures we needed to make a set number depending on how many legs they had. We have spent a lot of time looking after our garden with having so much sun they have needed a lot of water. We were able to pick so many strawberries! We enjoyed the new role play area - our holiday shop!

This week we have followed the children's interest in learning about the World Cup. We have even linked this learning to our Sports Day practise now and are in teams named after countries participating. We are continuing to work on the maths skills we have been learning about throughout the year. On Friday we celebrated Eid and in the afternoon we had a party where some of our grown ups came and joined us for some yummy food. Thanks you to everyone who donated something or came along to join us. It was very much appreciated.


Don't forget that it is the Summer fair tomorrow - come and join us from 11-2!

Week Thirty-Four - French Week

In our first week back after half term we did lots of different activities and we had our first trip to visit the year one classrooms. We all had time in both the Bee and Ladybird rooms and visited the studio for our first experience of a year one assembly. It was lots of fun. We are practising a lot for Sports Day and we had a super creative day too where we all made a mini-beast. Then on Friday we joined all the school on the Manor field for our French Breakfast. We enjoyed croissants, brioche and orange juice. Yum!

It was a lovely sunny week (most of the time) for the Butterflies. We were able to plant out all our beans for the holidays and we took the tadpoles and froglets back to the pond - in case they all became frogs while we were away and began hopping round the classroom. We took a walk to look at the changes to the farmer's field too - the plants had grown so high now - so different! We were learning about 3D shapes in maths including a cube, sphere, cuboid and cylinder - can you spot any items these shapes during the holidays at home? We learnt about snails, slugs, ladybirds, spiders, centipedes and many more throughout the week and went on many bug hunts to find them in our playground.

Hope you all have a lovely restful holiday!

This week we have been learning about a subject close to our hearts - Butterflies! We have five lovely caterpillars growing in our classroom - and at an alarmingly fast rate! They will be flying away in no time - much like our lovely children will be to year one! We have done so many different Butterfly busy jobs this week - including lots of cutting and sticking and some fabulous writing! We were also very excited to find eggs in our bird box! In maths we have continued looking at teen numbers and now up to 20. We have started learning to count in twos and also began halving items and numbers of objects. It's been very exciting - we know that half means that both sides have to be exactly the same whether an orange or a number. In P.E. this week we've been practising our hurdles ready for Sports Day - if you haven't brought in your trainers or plimsolls yet then please have these in as soon as possible. And please make sure your child is bringing in a named hat and water bottle during these hot months. 
This week we have enjoyed watching our tadpoles grow and learned more about the life cycle of a frog. We have carried out many activities around our little classroom pet. In maths we have also continued looking at teen numbers - this week 17 and 18 especially how in teen numbers we have a group of 10 and .... more. In P.E. we are beginning to prepare ourselves for Sports Day taking place the morning of July 4th. We've been watering all of our garden produce and see lots of growth this week - the potatoes leaves are growing high; all of the beans seem to be sprouting and the strawberries have so many flowers! Next week we will be adding another creature to our classroom! What will it be?

It's been a lovely week in the Butterfly classroom. Although we had a little rain we have been enjoying being able to get outside into our wonderful outdoor area again. This week we have been looking at different parts of a plant and what they need to grow well. Some of us had a go at writing our own version of Jasper's beanstalk. Lots of us planted some beans or peas to grow in the garden. We also worked on our strawberry patch and made sure we gave them lots of water. On Friday we had another go at "lark in the park" - our great music and movement scheme. In maths this week we have been looking at doubling.

Have a great bank holiday weekend and we'll see you on Tuesday as usual.

This week we have continued looking at pets including some slightly less traditional pets such as a parrot, mouse and snakes! Mrs Lambat very kindly made some videos and took some photos of her pet parrot Rosie to show us. We have been continuing learning about subtraction and also looking more at our teen numbers - especially 13, 14, and 15. We have started looking more at story writing which will continue next week when we look at growing. The Butterflies are getting so good at stretching out words to listen to all the sounds they can hear and especially trying to hear if there are any digraphs - two letters one sound (for example sh, ch, th, ng) - in them.

(Please be aware we have had quite a few cases of chicken pox so do keep a look out for this.)

We have had a lovely sunny week learning about different pets in the Butterfly classroom. We have especially enjoyed having Mrs Worrall's Guinea Pigs come to stay and a visit from Pixie - thank you so much for coming to spend time with us. We also have another addition to the classroom in the form of our tadpoles - there were so many hatching out that we've had to take some back to the pond already! In maths this week we've begun to tackle subtraction and are still working on our teens numbers. There has been some amazing writing again this week too - we are really trying to stretch and chop the words to hear all the sounds and using our digraphs wherever we can. We had a lovely day today celebrating Vaisahki - learning about the festival in our assembly and having a party with out grown ups at the end of the day. Thank you to all who contributed and/or joined us. It is always wonderful to have you with us and I know the children appreciate it so much! Have a super weekend. Goodbye and toodle-loo!
It has been a fun week back in the Butterfly classroom. Although it has been a lot rainier and not as Spring-like as we might have hoped. We have still enjoyed learning about daffodils and birds making nests. We have had a real focus on writing this week and been very impressed with the results. Keep encouraging your Butterfly to write at home. We'd love to see the results!
We have had a week of Easter fun in the Butterfly classroom. We've transitioned from our farm topic by beginning the week looking at Chickens and then moving to eggs and from there to all the fun that Easter can bring. We spent a little bit of time learning about what Easter means for Christians too. In Maths we did a recap of lots of different things we've covered this year - counting accurately, ordering numbers, adding two groups together, including counting on, and talking about more or less. Then on Friday we got to dress in our Sports clothes for Sports Relief, watched an Easter Assembly and took part in the whole school Easter Bonnet Parade.
This week we have been learning about the farm in preparation for our trip (If you have not yet paid please do so via the school gateway app and sign to give your permission). So far we have looked at cows and sheep and learnt some interesting facts. We have spent time labeling the animals and learning about the different things that they give us - for example milk, wool, meat and so on. We are really working on our fine motor work - using the thin brushes to paint the animals and also on our cursive handwriting. Thank you to everyone that attended a phonics meeting this week - we hope you found it useful!

Week Twenty Three - Dinosaurs and World Book Day

We really enjoyed our dinosaur topic and also dressing up as our favourite book characters! It was lots of fun! And then we had a snow day too! So sorry for the delay in these photos going up!

We have had a great week back in the Butterfly classroom. Thanks to all the hard work over half term we were able to create a dinosaur display straight away of all the lovely things they made or found out about. We've been very busy learning facts, painting pictures, creating dinosaurs by collage, sticking, cutting and so forth. We've learnt how to use a non- fiction book - maybe you could look for some more at your local library? And in maths we've looked at how numbers can be split in lots of different ways but that we still have the same total we began with. We will be continuing with our dinosaur topic next week. 


And a big thank you to all who came to our Chinese New Year Assembly. It was great to see so many of you and the Butterflies were so proud to show off what they'd been practising!

In preparation for our Assembly next Friday (9:15 - parents welcome) we have begun learning about Chinese New Year. We have found out about how most Chinese people celebrate the new year, how the named years of the Chinese zodiac came about with the animal race and also completed lots of activities related to the dragon and the celebrations. We also have a go at making and eating stir fry! Yum! In maths this week we have begun looking at taking away and how when you take away the number becomes less.

(If your child is saying a line in the assembly they will have brought it home to practise with you. Please help them to learn this)

This week we have continued looking at cold places and learned more about other arctic animals. This week we've found out about Husky dogs, Walruses, Arctic foxes and Whales. We've spent a lot of time working on our cutting, handwriting and sentence work as well as trying to continue being imaginative. In maths we've been thinking about making an estimation - a sensible guess. We've also recapped that we can know what the quantity is because it's the last number we've said when we have counted them, and no matter how they are moved around if we don't change the about the quantity stays the same. 
This week we have continued looking at winter and cold places. We have completed a weather chart each day. We've learnt about Inuits and some arctic animals - starting with penguins and polar bears. We've carried on doing lots of activities to develop our find motor and handwriting. We are trying to focus on having a go at writing - even if we don't know all the sounds then we can still stretch words, listen for the sounds you can hear and write them down. In maths we have been learning about how two parts can make a whole and separating the number six in lots of ways (1 and 5, 2 and 4, 3 and 3, and finally 6 and 0) and then at the end of the week having a go at adding these numbers together again.
Welcome back to our New Term at school! We hope you all had a lovely time during the holidays and had a big rest! During these 4 days back in the Butterfly class we have been looking at the season of Winter. We thought about what kind of clothes you need to wear and did lots of snowy activities. In P.E. we did our own special kind of ice skating to some winter music. It was so much fun! Next week we are continuing by thinking about Cold Places - if anyone has any kitchen rolls you can bring in for some of our activities they would be most appreciated!
This week we went on a trip to the local church St Paul's in Oadby where Reverend Bailey told us the story of Christmas and what Christians believe. We also did lots of activities in the classroom to help us remember the story and begin to get our classroom ready.
Cinderella was this week's fairy tale. We had a wonderful week thinking about all the magic and preparing for our ball. We spent a lot of time working on how to decorate things to make them look beautiful. Each of us made a mask for the ball and wrote an invitation to a partner for them to accompany us. On the Friday we had a super time dancing together!
This week we learnt about the fairy tale "The Princess and the Frog" - we focussed especially on the movement of "down, bounce up" for writing our b and p and so forth looking at the ways frog jump. We also talked about what it means to be a good friend and the importance of always telling the truth.